The Koviloor Aadheenam, established at Koviloor, has an eventful and vibrant history of 200 years, right from its founder Sri La Sri Muthuramalinga Gnana Desikar, popularly known as Andavar of Koviloor.

         Koviloor is a divinely-charged sacred place near Karaikkudi. This sacred place is also called Samivana Kshetra, Shri Vallabha Vannivanam, Veerapandiyapuram, Saalivati, Kalanivaasal and so forth. The most symmetrical and orderly structure of the great Temple of Sri Rajakhadga Paramesvara and Salivatisvari or Thribhuvanesvari itself is a well expressed manifestation of its meticulous care for the preservation of Sanatana Dharma. Each part of the temple and its surroundings reflects how far order and harmony have been meticulously maintained according to the Aagamas and Vastu Sastras. The precincts of the both the temple and the math nearby emit the pulsations of harmony and order which constitute the ever relevant Sanatana Dharma.

         The Koviloor Aadheenam highly deserves the merit of being called the First School of systematic Vedantic Studies through the medium of Tamil. It was the Koviloor Aadheenam that brought out for the first time the authentic and undistorted Tamil versions of 14 important Vedantic Texts, which include Vedanta Cudamani, Viveka Cudamani, Pancadasi, Bagavadgita and Jnanavasishta. The teaching of Vedanta, which started with Sri Andavar Swamigal, has been maintained in unbroken continuum.

          And now the establishment of the World University of Traditional Science, Technology and Culture of India has been conceived for the first time by Sri La Sri Nachiappa Gnana Desika Swamigal, the Twelfth Head of the Koviloor Aadheenam. He hails from the lineage of the First Head, Sri La Sri Andavar Swamigal.

          Sri La Sri Nachiappa Swamigal had his early education at Karaikkudi, but he got his principal life-moulding education and training at the world-renowned Kalakshetra, Chennai. He was endearingly and illuminatively brought up by Smt. Rukmini Arundale, the Founder and Designer of Kalakshetra. Under the inspiring patronage of Smt. Rukmini Arundale he went to Germany and gained a highly acclaimed mastership in printing technology and photography. Having gained rich experience in the technology of printing and photography in many foreign countries like Japan, England, the United States etc., he has created a niche for himself in the field of printing and publication.

          On the same day when he was enthroned as the Peetadhipati (i.e., Head of the Koviloor Aadheenam), a nursery school was started by him. Gradually many schools have been started at various places in Tamilnadu. He is sponsoring as many as 15  Veda-Agama schools and Nadaswaram Schools. In the year 1995, he established the Indian Institute of Indology (for more details, see the separate write-up on the Indian Institute of Indology). Now Swamigal has got himself deeply involved in the immediate establishment of the World University of Traditional Science, Technology and Culture of India.

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